Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies

Title of Programme COST
Financing Code for Project CM 1404
Project start year - end year 2015 - 2018
Financing organisation COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Coordinator Istituto di RIcerche sulla Combustione – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (ISC-CNR)
Other partners
Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory (APTL)
Budget / APTL Budget 109.500,00 € / €
Scientific Manager / Project researcher G. Skevis
Project website
Summary SMARTCATS COST Action aims to set-up a Europe-wide network of leading academic and research institutions and key industries to promote the use of smart energy carriers on a large scale in order to increase fuel flexibility and carbon efficiency of energy production and to support distributed energy generation strategies.
  • The approach to accomplish this aim is twofold:Academic/research organizations will devote strong efforts to bring together fundamental/advanced numerical and diagnostic tools to improve the understanding of combustion kinetics and by-products formation of smart energy carriers at micro/meso-scale levels.
  • The exchange between academic and industrial partners will support the optimization of tools developed in the Action exploiting the way that smart energy carriers could be utilised at the macro-scale in advanced combustion technology devices.
This Academia-Industry interaction will lead to the identification of standards and criteria for development of a searchable database and Internet tool devoted to integration of experimental and numerical combustion chemical/physical data which will provide an easy access to such information relevant to smart energy carrier components