Advanced multifunctional Reactors for green MObility and Solar fuels

Title of Programme
Financing Code for Project
ERC-2010-AdG 268049-ARMOS
Project start year - end year 2011 - 2016
Financing organisation
EU-Support for frontier research (ERC)
Host Institution Aerosol and Particle Technology Laborator (APTL)
Budget 1,750,000 €
Scientific Manager / Project researcher A. G. Konstandopoulos / E. Papaioannou
Project website n/a
Green Mobility requires an integrated approach to the chain fuel/engine/emissions. The present project aims at ground breaking advances in the area of Green Mobility by (a) enabling the production of affordable, carbon-neutral, clean, solar fuels using exclusively renewable/recyclable raw materials, namely solar energy, water and captured Carbon Dioxide from combustion power plants (b) developing a highly compact, multifunctional reactor, able to eliminate gaseous and particulate emissions from the exhaust of engines operated on such clean fuels