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1xbet betist supertotobet Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory - Personnel


The APT Laboratory is headed by Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos (Dipl. M.E., M.Sc.M.E., M.Sc.Ch.E., M.Phil., Ph.D.), who has many years of research experience in aerosol and particle technology, and is staffed by engineers with backgrounds in chemical, environmental and mechanical engineering, experienced in aerosol and particle emission aftertreatment, colloid & aerosol transport phenomena, non-intrusive sensor and instrumentation design & development, chemical synthesis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), porous media, powder technology, food process technology and project management.

Presently the Laboratory is organized into three research groups:

Several undergraduate students carry out their Diploma thesis work and/or practical training in the Laboratory. The Laboratory also hosts a number of PhD candidates who perform their Doctoral Dissertation research at its facilities.

The APT Laboratory people are:


Penelope Baltzopoulou  Research engineer Chemical Engineer, MSc
Leonidas Chasapidis 
Special scientist Mechanical Engineer, MSc
Marina Chrisikopoulou 
Research engineer Chemical Engineer, MSc
Emmanouil Daskalos Research engineer Materials Science Engineer, MSc
Daniel Deloglou Research engineer Chemical Engineer
Dimitrios A. Dimitrakis 
Affiliated researcher
Chemical Engineer, PhD
Ioannis Dolios Special scientist Chemical Engineer
George Ganas Research engineer Chemical Engineer, MSc
Principal Researcher
Chemical Engineer, PhD, MSc
Dimitris Karantonis
Technician Electrical Technician
Georgia Kastrinaki
Affiliated researcher
Physicist, MSc, PhD
Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos
Director Mechanical & Chemical Engineer, PhD
Margaritis Kostoglou Collaborative Faculty Member Chemical Engineer, PhD
Dimitris Koutsonikolas Research engineer Chemical Engineer, PhD
Christodoulos Lekkos
Research engineer Chemical Engineer
Souzana Lorentzou Affiliated researcher Chemical Engineer, PhD
Chrysa Pagkoura Research engineer Materials Science Engineer
Pantelis Pantelidis Research engineer Electrical Engineer
Grigoris Pantoleontos Affiliated researcher Chemical Engineer, ΜΒΑ
Eleni Papaioannou
Chief Operating Officer Chemical Engineer
Chara Poravou  Research engineer Chemical Engineer
Theodora Prasiadou Research engineer Chemical Engineer
Kyriaki G. Sakellariou Affiliated researcher
Chemical Engineer, PhD, MSc
Maria Syrigou PhD candidate
Chemical Engineer
Stefi Tsarouchi Research engineer Chemical Engineer
Nikolaos Tsongidis Research engineer Chemical Engineer
Michalis Vatos Technician Automotive Technician
Nickolas Vlachos
Affiliated researcher Aeronautical Engineer, PhD
Villy Zacharopoulou Affiliated researcher Chemical Engineer, PhD, MSc
Dimitrios Zarvalis
Special scientist Chemical Engineer, MBA
Alexandra Zygogianni Research scientist Chemist, MSc