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1xbet betist supertotobet Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory - MULTISENS


Multi-wavelength sensor for sub-micron particle analysis

Title of Programme
Environmental technologies
Cooperative research contracts
Financing Code for Project
Project start year - end year 1999 - 2001
Financing organisation
Other partners
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / Department of Physics / Laboratory for Thin Films, Coatings and Materials Characterization and Metrology (LTFN)
G. Kechagias - I. Limnidis & Co (KELIM)
Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory (APTL)
Budget / APTL Budget 832.200,00€ / 320.100,00€
Scientific Manager / Project researcher A. G. Konstandopoulos / D. Zarvalis
Project website
Summary description
Increasing needs for reliable and cost effective real time particulate emissions measurement instrumentation have been recognized worldwide, that motivate the current collaborative research project. The aim of this research is to develop a low cost, industrial grade, real time submicron particle sensor that can be used as a means of enforcing compliance to emission standards and as a tool for development of clean engines and advanced aftertreatment technology. Risk is high but well accounted through contingency planning and is justified based on the significant benefits anticipated from the success of the project, due to the huge market potential of such a product. Novelty in the product design stems from its real time, high sensitivity, submicron particle measuring capabilities in the undiluted exhaust environment and software design to allow more accurate size analysis that accounts for non spherical particles, achieved exploiting the operating principle of multiwavelength laser extinction in combination with a white cell. These features will be verified through an extensive array of experimental tests with three enduse product applications (extruded filters, fibrous filters and internal combustion engines). The present consortium combines a horizontal chain of SME manufacturers, end users and RTD organizations, towards the goal of achieving cost effective solutions to the problem of real time monitoring of submicron particle emissions. The new particle sensor is expected to reach the market after an additional 2 year development prior to series manufacturing and commercial exploitation.

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