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Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory - 2019




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Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Tsongidis N.I., Asimakopoulou A.G., Pantoleontos G., Konstandopoulos A.G. (2019) "Transportation and Solar-Aided Utilization of CO2: Technoeconomic Analysis of Spanning Routes of CO2 Conversion to Solar Fuels", Journal of CO2 Utilization, 30, pp. 142-157.

Zygogianni A., Syrigou M., Konstandopoulos A.G., Kostoglou M. (2019) "Oxidative Reactivity of Particulate Samples from Different Diesel Combustion Systems and Its Relation to Structural and Spectral Characteristics of Soot", Emission Control Science and Technology, 5(2), pp. 99-123.


Publications in Peer-Reviewed Conferences


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