Nanoparticle & nanostructured materials synthesis reactors

Aerosol based synthesis methods are preferentially employed for the synthesis of nanoparticles. These so-called Engineered Nanoparticles (ENP) can have tailored characteristics (size, composition, morphology, surface area, crystallinity, defect structure, pore size, etc) and may further be direct deposited in a single step on various substrates to produce nanoparticle-functionalized bodies. Several aerosol reactor/deposition setups are available for the upon request small and pilot scale production and direct coating/functionalization of different bodies, including full scale structured and monolithic reactors employed in emission control. The synthesis of novel materials related for applications in energy, environment and health are carried out in dedicated, in-house designed and built pilot reactors, featuring aerosol based, wet chemistry, and solid state based synthesis routes at high temperatures. These routes are inherently environmentally friendly, consume less energy and allow the production of materials with higher purity, including metastable phases with controlled defects (e.g. a variety of doped and mixed oxides).

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