Mobile laboratory

APTL has developed and commissioned a mobile laboratory (MOBILAB), monitoring ambient air pollution, air quality inside the vehicle and gaseous and particulate pollutants from the exhaust.

MOBILAB focuses mainly on particle measurement. Particulate pollutants are monitored using several instruments, able to record not only mass concentration, but also number concentration and size distribution. Additionally, particle samples can be taken, using a cascade impactor, for subsequent analysis.

Furthermore, the mobile laboratory has the capability to measure gas pollutants. For ambient air pollution and air quality monitoring, a series of gas analyzers are used, including CO, NOX and SO2, with optional O3 measurement. For the exhaust gas monitoring, an FTIR anlyzer has been installed, able to measure simultaneously more than 20 gaseous components, regulated and unregulated. 

Flexibility is a key issue of the measuring platform, thus other instruments and equipment can be installed and the sampling system can be easily modified, to fulfill any requirements of various measurement campaigns. 

Download MOBILAB Brochure


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