Principal Researcher


Tel. +30 2310 498143


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Mechanical Engineering Department, Imperial College London, UK, 1996.
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MS), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, USA, 1991.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (BEng (Hons)), Mechanical Engineering Department, Imperial College London, 1990

Areas of expertise:

  • Combustion
  • High-temperature chemical kinetics
  • Combustion-generated pollutants formation and control
  • Conventional and alternative fuels
  • Numerical simulation of thermochemical conversion
  • Energetic and environmental assessment of industrial processes

Dr George Skevis is a Mechanical Engineer (BEng, Imperial College London, MS, Stanford University, PhD, Imperial College London). His expertise lies in the area of combustion science and technology and he has significant research and engineering consulting experience in the areas development of detailed and reduced chemical kinetic mechanisms for the combustion of conventional and alternative fuels, the simulation and control of combustion-generated pollutants, the development of advanced methods for the modelling of transport-chemistry interactions in reacting flows, the development of computational methodologies for the themochemical modelling of practical combustion systems including gas turbine combustors, fuel cells and cement kilns, the development and application of analytical and laser diagnostic techniques for the experimental characterization of combustion systems and the energetic and environmental assessment of industrial processes. He is the author of more than 70 publications in archive journals and international conference proceedings and his work is highly cited and used by many academic and industrial research groups. He is a regular invited speaker in conferences worldwide and he is a regular reviewer for scientific journals in energy-related fields. He has a large experience as an adjunct/visiting professor in Universities in Greece and Europe. He is the President of the Greek Section of the Combustion Institute. He joined the Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory in 2013.

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