Two technical papers selected as very best ones from Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) events!

Two technical papers of our team about 1) advanced sampling & 2) detection of solid ultrafine particles from vehicles emissions, presented at the International Conference on Engines & Vehicles (ICE 2019), were selected as very best papers from SAE events and will be included in the SAE International Journal of Advances and Current Practices in Mobility (issue Spring 2020)!

Find the abstracts of the papers here:

  • Chasapidis, L., Melas, A., Tsakis, A., Zarvalis, D. et al., "A Sampling and Conditioning Particle System for Solid Particle Measurements Down to 10 nm", SAE Technical Paper 2019-24-0154, 2019, doi:10.4271/2019-24-0154.
  • Baltzopoulou P., Melas A.D., Vlachos N., Deloglou D. et al. (2019) "Solid Nucleation Mode Engine Exhaust Particles Detection at High Temperatures with an Advanced Half Mini DMA", SAE Technical Paper 2019-24-0052, doi:10.4271/2019-24-0052.

The scientific work presented in both papers was funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 724136, project #SUREAL-23.