APTL team was shortlisted at the 2nd Greece Innovates! competition

APTL team was shortlisted at the second "Greece Innovates!" competition. The competition is open to individual researchers, research groups, companies engaged in production and/or research activities in Greece, as well as domestic institutions involved in research.

APTL team participation was represented by Mr. Eleni Papaioannou and includes a "System for preliminary in-vitro health impact assessment of size-selected nanoparticles". This innovative system of exposing multiple biological samples (e.g. cell lines, tissues) to aerosol flows of size-selected  nanoparticle distributions, was built in order to perform a preliminary health impact assessment. It basically consists two devices, connected in series: the Selective Particle Size (SPS) sampler and the Multiculture Exposure Chamber (MEC) of the uniform organotypic multiple biological samples.