92nd meeting of the International Organization for Solar-Thermal technologies (SolarPACES) Executive Committee in Thessaloniki

The 92nd meeting of the SolarPACES Executive Committee will take place in Thessaloniki (Excelsior hotel, Komninon 10) in April 4-6, 2017. The meeting will be organized by the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), which is the appointed ExCo Representative of Greece in SolarPACES.

SolarPACES is a Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and its main mission is to support, encourage and facilitate promotion of concentrating solar  technologies and systems for the supply of power and other useful products (e.g. chemicals, heating, cooling), with a potential to cover a wide range of current industrial applications. Currently, it has 20 country-members from all over the world. Greece joined as a full member in November 2015.

The meeting will be dedicated to the latest advances in the field of concentrated solar systems and technologies. Moreover, the ExCo will make specific decisions in the framework of further promotional and outreach activities and in accordance to the strategic plan of the organization. Discussions will also involve the review of current status of countries that have expressed their interest to become members of the organization. SolarPACES will welcome its most recent full country-member, Chile. The last day of the meeting will be devoted to the ExCo host country (Greece) and in this framework relevant presentations will be given by local companies that are active in the field.

CERTH is the largest Research Centre in Northern Greece and comprises 5 Institutes and more than 500 high-skilled employees. The cutting edge research activities of CERTH include environmentally friendly energy technologies, smart and low carbon footprint transport applications, advanced applications in informatics/telematics as well as novel activities in agro-biotechnology and biomedicine. The Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute (CPERI) and in particular the research team of Aerosol & Particle Technology Laboratory (APTL) are active and internationally recognized in the promising filed of high temperature solar thermochemical technologies, prominent example of which is the HYDROSOL concept for the production of hydrogen and other solar energy carriers (http://www.hydrosol-plant.certh.gr/).


- Dr. George Karagiannakis, Principal Researcher, CERTH. E-mail:  gkarag[at]cperi.certh.gr. Τηλ.: 2310 498198

- Dr. Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos, Chairman of the Board, CERTH. E-mail:  agk[at]cperi.certh.gr. Τel.: +30 2310 498210

Useful links:

1) The SolarPACES TCP: http://www.solarpaces.org/

2) The SolarPACES 2017 conference: http://www.solarpaces-conference.org/home.html

3) CERTH’s website: www.certh.gr